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WaterPave offers two permeable systems: DriveCon™ permeable concrete, and DriveTec™ which incorporates a resin-bonded stone top layer. Unlike 'no-fines' concrete which has virtually no structural integrity, both WaterPave systems have been engineered to carry everyday vehicle loads, while still allowing the rain water to flow through and recharge the soil below to satisfy local council permeability requirements.

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WaterPave is the industry leader and innovator in the construction of bonded permeable or pervious paving, servicing the civil, commercial and residential construction industries. When it comes to quality solutions in permeable paving Melbourne residents and contractors know they can trust our experienced and passionate team to deliver affordable products with unmatched customer service.

Permeable Tarmac Paving

DriveCon™ is a cost-effective and durable alternative to traditional permeable tarmac products. Maintaining the same standard function as permeable tarmac, DriveCon™ is a far more environmentally friendly option for any upcoming construction or urban development project. Simply because it is a permeable surface does not mean that it has to make concessions in terms of strength or structural integrity. Our products are built to last, meaning they’ll function as-new for years after the installation. "
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