WaterPave through its innovative resin technology has developed a decorative permeable system called PaveTec designed to be applied directly over existing or new concrete. PaveTec consists of high-quality granite or marble stone combined with a UV stable resin to form a durable, hard wearing, seamless and smooth yet permeable finish.


1. Swimming Pool surrounds.
2. Re-surfacing existing concrete driveways
3. Apartment Balconies.
4. Public wet areas.
5. Aged-care facilities.



1. Permeable – eliminates standing and pooling water.
2. Durable – heel safe, slip resistant, wheelchair safe.
3. Seamless – no trip hazards.
4. Reduces water damage and insurance claims.

PaveTec is available in a range of colours in 6.0mm coarse or 3.0mm fine granite or marble stone.