4Y3qVz-_2XPjga3VkUbnHpm3oi-R1WrEmx7fd-p-AOkTreeTec by WaterPave is an engineered poured in-situ porous system developed for tree-pit applications. Most commonly used in local council streetscape and public open space environments where existing trees require a permeable system around the base of the tree to aid in the absorption and retention of rain fall and watering.

The TreeTec system consists of a lightly compacted sub-base of “no-fines” crush rock. Then a combination of our high performance UV stable resins are mixed with 6mm Granite or Marble aggregate creating a 20mm thick surface layer. This combination results in a strong and yet flexible structure while forming voids to capture and retain water until it can be absorb naturally back into the ground directly feeding the root ball.

The finished result is a stunning seamless permeable system, that is hard-wearing, flexible and virtually maintenance free. It also has amazing infiltration qualities of greater than 6000ltrs/hr perfect for tree-pit applications.