WSUD Compliance


Originating in the early 1990s, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) was proposed as a method of designing urban developments to encompass all aspects of the urban water cycle. It aimed to integrate the stormwater, potable (drinking) water, and wastewater cycles to minimise the adverse impact of development.

We comply with WSUD standards

The principles of WSUD in Melbourne and around Australia are continually being refined, yet generally include the following:

• protect existing natural features and ecological processes
• integrate public open spaces with stormwater drainage corridors
• maintain natural hydrologic behavior of catchments and preserve the natural water cycle
• protect water quality environmental values of surface and groundwater
• minimise demand on the reticulated water supply system and utilise stormwater as a valued resource
• minimise capital and maintenance costs of stormwater infrastructure and minimise sewage discharges to the natural environment
• integrate water into the landscape to enhance visual, social, cultural and ecological values.

WaterPave is providing innovative Water Sensitive Urban Design ideas to Melbourne and all of Australia.

Source: Dept. of Environment Resources and Management 2010.